Having a disability or being in a wheelchair doesn't have to keep you from seeing the world. Travel-for-All is a specialist in making challenging travel arrangements.

Fun in the sun or fun on the slopes?

Which do you prefer?

Winter is upon us...

or has at least reared it's head in the parts of the world now facing several months of brrrrrrr inducing temperatures.

For some, it's a time to rejoice as the snow hits the mountains tops, and as they pull out their skis and their boards and their boots and all the rest of their winter time gear, you can almost see the happy dance in their eyes.

For others, it's time to start thinking about escapes to warmer climates. Beaches and sunshine and water sports and warmer weather are calling, and they want to sip tropical cocktails while basking poolside in the sun. 

Regardless of the wintertime travel location you prefer, the agents at Travel-for-All are ready to dive in and help you plan a perfect winter getaway!

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Fun and friendly  

Lorrie made the whole travel process fun! I dreaded the thought of traveling on my own, but Lorrie made me comfortable by listening to my concerns, and then working out solutions for many of my problems. She was friendly and easy to work with, and I really felt like she put me first!

Wonderful Person  

My wife and I have dealt with Tarita long before Travel For All came into existence. Over the years she has responded to all of our concerns and requests with no hesitation and always in a timely manner even though it wasn't always necessary. This lady will go out of her way to ensure you are happy and comfortable with your itinerary. We consider her to be one of our friends and always look forward to talking to her. You cannot ask for a better person to ensure you are well looked after.

Great Service  

Lorrie was a huge help in planning our most recent vacation. Her attention to detail relaxed the whole family while her kindness and caring made us feel valued as clients. She has a way of finding out just what you want, and although still new to travel, Lorrie shows a wealth of knowledge and happily dives into researching anything she doesn't know. You can trust she'll go the extra mile for you too!

Let a Travel Agent help plan and book your next vacation and reast easy knowing that if something goes wrong, your agent has your back.

Where do you want to go?